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Chin up aaannnnddd CHEESE

Why yes, I do know that I am a handsome boy but you can continue to tell me, over and over.

The hooman has been finishing up her latest portfolio showcasing the love that people have for dogs, and who were the bestest doggos to feature you may ask .... ME (ok, and Archie).

We got ourselves ready, set the heatpump so the studio was super warm (censor warning, we are nakie in these images) and removed those collars.

I decided that while I love being the centre of attention, the photos might look better with a prop or two, so I rang Grandma and Grandad and arranged for them to visit, just as the photoshoot was starting - how about that for timing!

Yes, you can say it again, I am a handsome boy.

Now, who has the treats?

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