Mini lamb and mint - Treats

Mini lamb and mint

Mini lamb and mint

These mini sized lamb and mint treats are full of flavour, small on size.
Perfect for the smaller doggo, for those with little teeth, or for those wanting to refill our vintage treat training tins.

Each bag contains 30 mini bone shaped biscuits made from our favourite treat flavour range; lamb and mint
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Designed to be bite sized, these treats are perfect for those doggos watching their weight but still wanting to indulge their whims or for those sub woofers with little teeth who may find our normal sized treats a bit of a mouthful.

Nice and thin, these treats are almost guilt free, nothing that a game of fetch with their hooman can't fix.

Lovingly made with no added preservatives, no sugar and dairy free.

Each batch tested by our Quality Control Manager (Archie) and Chief Taste Tester (Finn) to ensure that only the best treats make the grade to be sold.

Let your dog in on the secret ... And try The Barkery Brothers treats today.