Heavenly Hound Twin Pack Dog Shampoo Bar - Grooming

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Heavenly Hound Twin Pack Dog Shampoo Bar

Heavenly Hound Twin Pack Dog Shampoo Bar

The Barkery Brothers are not shy at getting down and dirty, especially if it means rolling in the most disgusting concoction thought of.
This pack contains 2x Heavenly Hound scented dog shampoo bars scented with Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils.

Introducing a new range of conditioning dog shampoo bars. Each bone shaped soap fits comfortably in the palm of your hand to make bath time more enjoyable for both owner and dog.

Crafted using a blend of coconut and olive oils, this shampoo bar leaves the coat unbelievably soft. Each bar is lightly scented (as not to over power the dog's highly sensitive nose) with a range of pure essential oils.

When rubbed over a wet coat, this shampoo bar lightly lathers the hair, making avoiding getting soap in their eyes a breeze, and rinses out with ease.

Each soap weighs approximately 30grams and washes a small-medium dog approximately six times. Each pack contains TWO bars. Now that's grrrreat value.
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