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Introducing the Woofles 4 pack, a delicious and unique treat for your furry friend! These waffle-shaped dog treats are flavored with carrot and dog safe carob chips, making them a mouth-watering delight for your pup. Each Woofle is designed to be broken into segments, allowing you to treat your dog with just the right amount of Woofles at a time. Made with high-quality ingredients, Woofles are the perfect way to show your dog some extra love!

Woofles 4 pack

  • Woofles 220g NET (contains 4x Woofle biscuit style treats designed to be snapped into segments)

    Each Woofle is designed to be broken into quaters allowing for 16 serves per box.

    Because our items are handmade, there may be small variation to weight. We always try to go over, not under the amounts stated above so no one misses out!

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