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Introducing the Droolicious Donuts Beef 4 pack - the perfect treat for your furry friend! These donut-shaped dog treats are made with delicious beef flavour and are topped with peas, carrots, sesame seeds and bacon bits (TVP) for extra tastiness. You'll receive a four-pack of these treats, perfect for rewarding your pup after a long walk or as a special snack. Plus, our dog-safe carob icing adds an extra layer of sweetness to this already drool-worthy snack. Your dog will be begging for more!

Droolicious Donuts Beef 4 pack

  • These Droolicious Doggy Donuts are flavoured with a beef biscuit base and topped with dog safe carob icing.

    Sprinkles inlcude Peas, Carrot, Bacon Bits (TVP) and Sesame seeds.

    Don't worry about finding extra sprinkles in the bag; we jam pack our sprinkles and it's normal to find a few extra. To Tip: sprinkle these on your kibble to keep the party going!

  • Droolicious Donuts Beef 220g NET (contains 4 donut shaped treats)

    Because our items are handmade, there may be a small variation to weight or number of treats. We always try to go over, not under the amounts stated above so no one misses out!

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