Our Story

The Barkery Brothers was formed back in 2011 after adopting litter brothers Archie and Finn from Invercargil. Wanting good, healthy dog treats without any nasty fillers, preservatives or dairy for their first Christmas, but unable to buy any, I started to bake my own. These were shared with their 'cousins' (Paddy, Rosie and Phoebe, my parent's dogs, who are employed as seasonal workers) and with dogs belonging to my friends.

I decided to take these dog treats to the Mistletoe Market in Blenheim in 2013, and our set up was a simple card table and umbrella. The treats sold out within the first hour.

From then we have been busy coming up with scrumptious new flavours and adding to our range of dog related prdoucts to where we are today with biscuits, collars, soap and bandanas.

Everything is 100% handmade by myself in our Oxford Studio and is thoroughly tested by our Quality Control Officer (Archie) and Chief Taste Tester (Finn).

From all the team at The Barkery Brothers, WOOF.

left to right:

Paddy (Blenheim branch manager), Rosie (part time model), Phoebe (distrubution expert) Archie (quality control officer), Finn (chief taste tester) and Bertie (intern).