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Session Information

The big day is coming! What to expect and tips and tricks for the perfect day.

What to wear

Think about how you can coordinate outfits through colour and style.

Our main portrait backdrops create a natural, neutral space and we have found that soft colours and neutrals photograph best. If everyone is in the same tonal range, then you will look connected.

Feel free to get into the festive spirit for our Christmas themed sessions. These are always a bit of fun. Don't forget your dress ups for your woofer.

Think about where you want to showcase your image.

If you are planning a feature piece for your home, think about the colours you like to be surrounded by. Timeless white or neutrals will look good in most homes, but if you have certain accents in your decor, consider tying this in with your clothing.

Stick to the same style of clothing, casual or formal - it can look a bit odd if someone looks like they are off to the beach while the rest are ready for a ball.

Avoid logos - you don't want your family portrait to be a branded advert.

Avoid big printed patterns - try to go for plainer options.

Ordering and Products

Within 24 hours of your session you will receive an email with a link to view a virtual gallery of your session. You are able to like or comment on the images that you love and narrow down your choice.

Here you can choose your image/s or upgrade your package to include more photographs.

Once you have chosen your FURever memory, a fully edited digital version will be emailed to you to enjoy.

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