Its Jolly To Be Jolly

Its Jolly To Be Jolly

Well it seems like it is that time of the year again. I over heard (I swear I wasn't evesdropping but I can't help it that the hooman talks on the phone when I am using her as a cushion) the hooman talking to Gandma about setting a date for putting up the Christmas tree.

Where has this year gone? We shifted house, got a new yard, dug a hole (hehehe), got a fire to spend our days toasting ourselves like marshmellows infront of... mmmm marshmellows...

Aparantly the day is tomorrow. Tree Day as it has been called. 

See now, our hooman is a busy hooman. She abandons us 4 days a week to go off in a funny looking outfit to "earn the money to fill the food bowl" or so I have be told, REPEATEDLY when I use the puppy dog eyes to ask for more toys or a ride on racing car that I will TOTALLY share... that one hasnt not turned up yet, but hey! Christmas IS coming. She has worked out that Sunday is the only day available until Christmas to put the tree up.

I hope I hid the reindeer outfits well during the unpacking of the packing boxes, I know Archie likes to suck up and prance around, showing off, getting extra treaties, ick. Such a mummas boy that one. Not me, I'm the sophisicated one...

Make sure you follow me on istragram to see how tomorrow goes, I wonder if she will make us eggnog??

Posted: Saturday 10 October 2020