Queen B

Life has been pretty good lately. The hooman has been well trained recently and bakes treats for our treat jar on her days off. I do think that its not fair that there is a daily allowance on the number of treaties I am allowed to have, surely I should be the judge of that! With Winter about to truely start, we are heading away on holidays to hand out with our cousins Rosie and Phoebe and Uncle Paddy in sunny Blenheim. This also means that we get spoilt by Grandma. She never runs out of tummy rubs and sneaks us extra treats when she think our hooman isnt watching. 

Every since the latest royal baby was named "Archie", my brother Archie wont stop woofing on about how now he is royal and how much more regal he is than me. What-the-woof. Just because he has a popular name....
Anywoof he managed to convince the hooman to launch a Queens Birthday Sale in his honour (i dont think he understands that Queens Birthday weekend is about the Queen and not him).

From the 1st of June there is going to be 30% of all our treats on our webshop for a limited time. So now is the time my fellow woffers, grab your hoomans credit card and use the code: QBDAY19 and save 30%. If your hooman is like ours and hides her credit card from us (i mean we do just a little bit of online shopping a few times and all of a sudden we are banned, talk about rrruff) make sure you use your best puppy dog eyes, rumbly tums and the 'you-leave-me-at-home-all-day-waiting-for-you-to-come-home' look and get yourself a little something something. There are heaps of flavours to choose from, but I must say that 'Finn's Favourites' is the best. (Has nothing to do with the name, I swear).

Posted: Friday 31 May 2019