Finn's Fables: Cake is not for sharing

Finn's Fables: Cake is not for sharing

So the other day I had to watch mum bake this amazing birthday cake. It smelt delicious. And I thought that she was just cooling it on the bench for me, so I did not burn my tongue, you know, mums think about stuff like that. Then nothing... no little taste, no little tidbit.

I had to sit there and watch her ice it and put it in the car. What the woof!

MY double layer carrot and peanut butter cake, iced in glorious cream cheese got carried out to the car.

Maybe she was taking me and the cake somewhere.

Maybe it was a surprise party seeing how I am such a good boy

But NOOOO!!!

She had the nerve to tell me to be good before she left, left with my cake, only to return several hours later without the cake, or even some left overs, a slice carefully cut and thoughtfully placed on a plate for me. What makes it even worse is that she returned home smelling of other dogs. She came home to the house that we share smelling of someone else. How dare she.

Now I know you probably think I am over reacting but you did not see this cake, or taste the sweet deliciousness that it was.

I am going to request one for me, and only me, for my birthday next month, and if I don't get one I have a feeling that something might just find itself chewed....

Posted: Saturday 26 May 2018