Finn's Fables: CAAAAAKE

Finn's Fables: CAAAAAKE

I know, I know. I promised that I would keep these stories up to date but I'm a busy dog these days. I'm here, there, everywhere (especially if you have treats).

Anyway, mum (going to start referring to her as that since I've had a few fellow woofers let me know that they have been confused as to who I am referring to when I say hooman. I guess she deserves a more accurate title seeing how she feeds me and picks up my poop.

So this month is may or better known as Birthday Month for Paddy. He turns 14 this month. Woof woof Paddy and many more woof's to come.

Mum came home from her day job (ok, I guess she also does night shifts but I should be her full time job, but alas, I digress) and informed us about her latest order: a birthday cake.

Now before you start wondering why I am excited about this news, consider the reality of it; practice cakes, or as I like to call them; mine!!!

This little beauty is a double layer carrot cake with cream cheese (hey, it' a treat and as we know, all in moderation is ok) icing. YUM!! Mum made me share with all the others (cousins included) and sing happy woof day to Paddy.

Don't worry, Bertie, Archie and myself did not miss out, we were just too quick for thr camera.

Posted: Friday 18 May 2018