Finn's Fables: The Birds and the Bees

Well well well...

Did you know that wee Bertie has been talking up how much of a ladies man he is all week long, ever since the hooman arranged a play date for him with a YOUNGER SHE-DOG!!

He's been wooing about how amazing he is, how he got the hooman to bake him (thats right, aparently only him) some puppermints to take on his date. Woof woof woof, I told him it was because he needed the puppermints so he did not knock his friend out with his breath...

He got all ready, straightened his collar, and jumped into the car. And the hooman left me and Archie at home, all alone. Someone call child  (fur child) services. That' neglect right there.

He came home all jolly but smelling strange. He smelt like another dog and hoOman.  I can' believe that our hooman was ok with him spending time with someone else. Archie made the joke about him being a cradle snatcher. This did not go down well and resulted in bertie being sent to time out for a wee while. Hehe 

I hope that wee Poppy gets to come around and play with Archie and myself at some stage. We are, afterall, nice chaps who enjoy a game of chase me chase me.

Posted: Wednesday 25 April 2018