Finn's Fables: Brrrr Winter is here

Finn's Fables: Brrrr Winter is here

Brrrr. I'm over this chilly weather.

I don't know how I am supposed to survive the next few months if this weather keeps up.

The hooman has started locking us in when she is off galavanting around on her night shifts. Talk about hostage situation.

What if I had plans to go out myself? Visit the local hang outs, chase some hedgehogs, sing to the moon?

This is all Bertie's fault. See, he is is still scared of our special door so the hooman has to leave it open with a bungee cord for him, which aparently causes a draft and cools the house down, so she locks it at night. Selfish little woofer. If one of us can't go out, none of us get to. Grrr

I guess there is always a silver lining, since the door is shut the heatpump has randomly been coming on to warm us up. The hooman tried to explain that it was her turning it on from work but I dunno, we tried to jump up to it the other day, you know to suss it out but the hooman caught us on the nanny cam and told me off. IT WASN'T JUST ME!!! Can I help it if I'm so spritely,  so energetic, so athletic?

Anyway, the sun is finally out today so I think it's time to do some sun bathing.

If you need me I'll be belly up on the lounge floor.


Posted: Friday 13 April 2018