Finn's Fables: Sticks and Stones

Finn's Fables: Sticks and Stones

So the hooman came home yesterday and made a big deal about buying us a Pebble. So what?!? Has she forgotten that I have my own stone collection outsidea from when she thought she could stop us from burning off the grass when we tinkled.

Anyhoo, she came home and announced how she had spent our pocket money (OUR POCKET MONEY) on this small plastic box called pebble. Ugh. Archie had plans for shoes this month and I was saving up for a race car!!!!

Aparently this little box let's her control the heatpump when she is at work. Well I guess that it is nice that she is worried about us getting chilly but I tried to tell her how much cheaper it would have been for her just to put the heatpump remote on the coffee table and we would sort it out ourselves. BUT nooooooooo.  Aparently she has not forgotten the night that we changed the tv channel to something we actually wanted to watch. We were all careful and stuff. One of us held the he remote with our mouth while the other pushed the button with his tooth. Put it carefully back on the coffee table and sat back and watched tele. She still does not believe that all of a sudden, the remote exploded into a thousand pieces on the floor. Geez.

I guess winter will tell how amazing this little rock is, going to take a while to save up for my car now.


Posted: Thursday 29 March 2018