Finn's Fables: Easter Market at the Arts Centre

Finn's Fables: Easter Market at the Arts Centre

Well Wag-My-Tail, what a busy day the hooman had at the Art Centre's market on Saturday.

It was a busy few days getting organsied for the market, making treats, sewing a few collars and coming up with a whole new display that would fit on one table (normally she spreads everything out over two).

Even with having to change last minute to an indoor set up, I was happy with the overall look (had her email me some photos, had to get Archie to help me with getting the computer off the table)

I must woof, I do like seeing our business name in lights, pretty uch just a smaller version of the hollywood sign - the barkerywood sign maybe??

I was secretly hoping that there would be some left overs that I could take off the hooman's hands, BUT she SOLD OUT of Donuts just after lunchtime. Bark it!! They are my favourite at the moment.

Anyhoo, the theme for this market was Easter - even though it was a week early, so the hooman took this to mean that it was time to dress us up again. Oh the horror of it. I know that Archie and Bertie just LOVE it, must have something to do with their tan spots (that I do not have, for those of you who do not have my photo pinned up on your wall). First of all the group photo. ok, this was not too bad, the hooman remembered my request of not having a full costume, instead she bought me some bunny ears. This I am ok with, as I can take them off with a simple shake of my head.

Then the hooman surprised me even more, she bought CARROTS!!!!!

We all LOVE carrots....

Posted: Monday 26 March 2018