Finn's Fables: Published

Finn's Fables: Published

Woof woof woof.

Please, please, no photos.... well ok, maybe just one more, but make sure you get my good side.

The hooman decided to have an advert published in the Metropol magazine and it was published yesterday. BUT, because of her other job (you know, the one that keeps me living in the manor at which I have become accustomed to, and the food bowl always full) I had to wait until today to get my paws on a copy.

Heres a pic of the page that we are on (page 85 for those you hoomans who want to pick up a copy for your woofer, or let them pop online and read the ecopy)

Now the hooman said we had to share, but being the typical first born, Archie took off with it, and I had to wait AGES to get a look.

Now wee Bertie wanted to make sure that you did not get sidetracked reading all the great content so asked to point out the ads himself. I mean, sure, great idea but Im just not sure that I would volunteer if I had finger toes like he does...

Well it is finally my turn to read the mag, although its now 'dog eared' and somewhat chewed. Maybe the hooman can get me another copy...


Posted: Friday 16 February 2018