Finn's Fables : Hiking

Finn's Fables : Hiking

Woof woof! good morning fellow woofers and hoomans.

so much has happened this week that I have had to extra naps just to keep up with everything.

First off the hooman bought me (that's right Archie and Bertie, me, not you guys) and new car. You see, I have become so famous now with my blog that I need to be driven around in style, plus it reckon it kinda looks like a secret service car.

Unfortunately the Hooman got upset at Archie for trying to be helpful and putting himself in the car. I mean, come on, we are dogs and we have nails... geeez

So yeterday the hooman finally took us out and we decided to hoon up to victoria park to go hiking.

Naturally I led "the pack", but I had to make it look easy as I heard the hooman talking about getting me some shoes the other day. Something about the sand being too hot at the beach at the moment. ugh!! Well, maybe is they had something cool on them like lightening bolts....

Heres a Pic of me leading "the pack" and of course the standard group shot that the Hooman insists on...

I am sooooo excited about today. This afternoon my 'grandparents' and doogy cousins are coming to stay the night. Woof woof woof!

I know it's only been a week and a half in hooman time since I last saw them but it feels like ages to me.

I've planned so many activities for them, and uncle Paddy has promised me some left overs from the market yesterday... yum.

I'd better go and rest up, not long to wait now..


Posted: Saturday 10 February 2018