Finn's Fables: Droolicious Doggy Donuts

Finn's Fables: Droolicious Doggy Donuts


Have you heard the latest news from The Barkery Brothers? Donuts are back, and not just any donuts, but Droolicious Doggy Donuts. Chicken flavoured with the yummiest toppings ever!

I know that I have had to share with the others but they are soooo good. I convinced the hooman that if they are going to be listed on my (yes that's right, MY) website then some photos need to be taken and so that other hooman's dont get mistaken and think that they are hooman donuts, that us woofers need to be in the photo's too, and that to be able to truely demonstrate just how droolicious these donuts are, that there should be photos of us eating them.

Your welcome fellow doggies, once you show your hooman these donuts (available at the Blenheim and Christchurch markets and online) they wont be able to say no.

p.s. just dont forget those big puppy dog eyes....

Posted: Wednesday 24 January 2018