Finn's Fables: Beach Day

Finn's Fables: Beach Day

Boy is it hot today!

The hooman took us to the beach today. It was great, a wee trot on the sand, a quick paddle and so much to smell.

Archie loved it so much, being an avid swimmer, he enjoyed the chance to wade out a bit deeper and go diving for seaweed, much to the hooman's horror. I don't understand what is so wrong with diving, I mean I know that we end up drinking some sea water and that we end up chundering when we get home, but we always try to clean up the carpet afterwards... all the thanks we get.

Anyway back to the beach... Bertie is not what you would call a water dog, he is like what i used to be, in my younger puppy days, before I realised how much fun it is to paddle. He has always run along the beach instead and panics when he has a shower, he also likes to give me a wash after my bath, you know, in case im drowing in the little bit of water that is left after a towel dry.

BUT today he was all big (hehehe, not actually) and followed us out into the water. The hooman had to take photos to prove it.

see .... he actually went in the water all by himself.

We had so much fun, played tag

The only thing that was missing was an umbrella to give us some shade and something to nibble on.

I came up with a solution so that the hooman would not be embarrassed about her lack of forward thinking and sorted it out. I made a new friend and he said we could come over to his place...

The hooman was horrified....

Posted: Thursday 18 January 2018