Finn's Fables: Models

Finn's Fables: Models

Woof woof. Finn here.

Thought I'd let you know that I caught the hooman sneaking into the house last night smelling of another dog!! How dare she. I bet she patted it too. Aparently it was all in the name of business and she was taking photos of this dog wearing the bandanas.

After seeing the pics I thought Id let her away with a warning.. just not to do it again.

This is Neesha, she is 12 and has a neck size of 50cm. She wore both the medium and xtra large sized bandanas.

And then she came home today smelling of another dog!! For barking out loud, seriously, I bet she tried to steal that dog too, I think she has a problem...

This little sweetie is called Dilly and she is a 6 year old Frenchie. The hooman told me that she looked good in so many bandanas and even got to keep one. I mean, what can i woof but she does look good, as much as a non jack russell can i guess.

My favourite one is a frenchie wearing a bandana of frenchies....

Posted: Wednesday 17 January 2018