Finn's Fables: The New Bach

Finn's Fables: The New Bach

So there have been many changes here at the barkery brothers head office this week.

The hooman is on annual leave from her other job and has been renovating the main house. I decided that this was a great time to remind her that our club house / bach / home away from home needed a wee sprouse up.

Actually, thats not quite true. I have been watching a lot of home renovation programs on tv lately, you know, something to pass the day while she is at work.I showed her some plans of a two level kennel, complete with roof top sun bathing pad and reminded her that now there are three of us, that our current kennel is too small.

Instead, she dragged our current house out and cleaned it up, slapped on some new paint, but pretty much looked the same. I guess she did change the roof and it does look much better, more stylish.

And while it is not the super flash design that I wanted, the hooman did relocate our spot on the deck to something that is more suitable for a holiday home. (Even though it is just for show, because why would we give up the comforts of an actual house. But, every dog needs a kennel)

I hope that this new spot means that the hooman will remember to water my grass pot. As you can see it looks rather sad, and aparently ... acording to the hooman .... my watering does not help... hehehe

Bertie is rather chuffed to see that his name got added to the front of the kennel. He has been running around, bouncing all over the place, woofing about how important he is. Im feeling nice so I'll let him have his moment and wont tell him that his name is last.... The hooman tried to tell me that its actually done in height order ... whatever.

Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday....

Posted: Tuesday 16 January 2018