Finn's Fables: Who's a good boy

What a busy few weeks it has been, and I know, I have been very slack in my blogging, but whats a dog to do when its sunny out and the festivities have run from Christmas right through to and after the hoomans birthday / new years.

Well that was my excuse when the hooman sat me down (sat on command by the way, like the good boy that I am) and wanted an explanation and to talk about disciplinary actions ...

So I have had to make the new year's resolution that I will be more active and post more blogs on time woof woof woof. Well she seemed to buy it.

Anyway, enough about the hooman and the past, as that was 2017 which was AGES ago.

You might have noticed a few changes going on with the website. I (yes thats right, me) decided to spice things up a little bit and build a brand new website, complete with an online shop, yip MR Perfect, MR Didn't-like-the-old-website, MR Who's-A-Good-Boy...

I have tried to make things easier for all my fellow woofers and sub-woofers out there, trying to buy some of my treats (ok, our treats) while their hooman is at work. Now they do not have to try to open a new window and go to etsy, trust me, without thumbs or slender toes, computers can be a bit tricky.

So fellow woofers, memorise that credit card, you already know their password as its probably your name... and get buying.

P.S. Flat rate shipping so go nuts.



Posted: Friday 5 January 2018