Finn's Fables: the end of the season

Finn's Fables: the end of the season

Phew, another christmas market season is just about finished.

The hooman is at the last one today in halswell and I am secretly hoping there are left overs for us boys to much away on while she is at work this week.

i have been working soo hard, testing each and every batch of biscuits for quality control purposes that i decided to put my paws up yesterday afternoon and just relax on the couch. Well excuse me, can a dog not take it easy without a Hooman thinking that they are not well just because I'm not super bouncy for one evening.

I told her it was because me made me wear the reindeer suit again on Friday. She promised me when we were up in Blenheim that the family photo shoot would be it.

So on nicer news, Christmas is coming, and I have finally decided on what I want from Santa Paws. I'm going to ask the hooman to write my letter tonight....

Posted: Sunday 17 December 2017