Finn's Fables: The Intern

Well well well. What a busy weekend it has been. 

It’s a Finn here, how you are enjoying reading about my riveting life.

So on Saturday Archie and I decided to let the intern go with mum to the market, you know to learn the trade but also to earn his room and board.

I am happy to report that he did very well, sales were up and he came home tired, which meant I could continue with my afternoon nap as scheduled.

Being the school holidays, mum packed him off to doggy daycare, aka school holiday program. She was a bit worried leaving him loose with us today incase he got into trouble with the kids next door.

We decided that he needed a little testing, ok some may call it hazing, so we.told him he was actually going to a conference today and tomorrow, and that we would be checking in to see how he was with his product knowledge. So there he was all dressed up in his uniform this morning, proudly displaying the company name. I think he believes us because mum packed him a treat tin that is going to be launched shortly on the website and etsy shop.

Hehe he.  We won’t tell him the truth until tomorrow night…

Posted: Tuesday 11 July 2017