Finn's Fables: Part One

Finn's Fables: Part One

Well it’s Finn here, today I am starting to write a blog all about me and my life. Mum has been onto me for a while now to actually put paw to pen and write down all the amazing stories of my day that I tell her when she gets home from work.

The biggest news is from this weekend. I got a little brother.

Ive been on to Mum since we moved almost two years ago about adding to the pack, but she has been all about this ‘waiting until the right dog shows up’ thing. Well I guess all the stars aligned because on Friday we headed off on an epic road trip south. We had it all, great seat in the back with a view, 90’s music on, terrible singing from the front …

We met up with a little chap in Oamaru who was in need of a home. He seemed nice enough so we gave him a lift back north. He needed somewhere to rest his paws for the night and mum was nice enough to let him stay.

It wasn’t until Saturday night that I realised that he wasn’t just a house guest but in fact was my little brother.

His name is Albert, or Bertie for short. He is just like me although a bit shorter and on the skinny side.

Archie and I have been talking, since everyone in this house has to have a job, that we will employ him as the intern, give him an apprenticeship in the family business.

I’ve taken him under my wing and started him off tasting the yummy biscuits mum makes. So far his favourite is the beef and bacon ones, but as everyone knows, I like them all.

Posted: Sunday 2 July 2017