Finn's Fables: Part Two

Today I decided to be nice to mum. She got home an hour late from work this morning so I let her sleep before sending her out to do a few errands. 

Our new intern Bertie is all lined up to head off to the market in New Brighton tomorrow to earn his room and board. After gently waking the human up with my beautiful singing voice I reminded her of our health and safety policy regarding appropriate attire while conducting work activities. So off she went and brought Bertie his own uniform to wear tomorrow. As great as he is, and he is learning fast he is not quite up to THE BARKERY  BROTHERS standards just yet, so I requested that he had intern added to his uniform, you know, just to define our roles.

I quite like the uniform style mum has gone with, I think I may have to consider something similar for myself and Archie.

I borrowed mums phone and took a few snaps of Bertie but I am sure mum will take some photos of his first day on the job tomorrow and pop them on our Facebook page.

Right, now that the evil vacuum cleaner has been put back in its dungeon, I am off to roll around on my back on the lounge carpet, just to leave some sprinkles of white hair around, to remind mum that we actually live here too and like it hairy.


Posted: Friday 7 July 2017