Finn's Fables: BArkday Celebrations

Finn's Fables: BArkday Celebrations

Hi everyone, its Finn here.

So yesterday was the best day ever. It was our sixth birthday, go on, admit it, we don't look a day over two!

We have the coolest hoooman ever, she threw us the best party we have ever had (although if our 'cousins' are reading this, it wasn't the same without you, actually it meant we did not have to share the party food).


We had it all, party hats (As this was Bertie's first barkday party, he wasn't that keen but got the hang of it), special limited edition birthday bandanas **cough cough bark, checked out our etsy store cough cough bark**, games and food. Oh the food. Popcorn, chips (carrot), gummy bears (chicken and beef) and cake. Oh the cake. What a masterpiece. Chicken flavoured potato, iced when potato flakes, and decorated with peas. YUM.


oh my dog. The games. So the hoooman got us a piñata. She even filled it with mini biscuits ** cough cough bark, etsy, cough cough bark** and tied it to the tree in the back yard. Of course I decided to let Archie do all the running around until he ripped a hole in it.


What a fun day. I wonder what we will get to do next year.

Posted: Tuesday 25 July 2017