Finn's Fables: The Business Trip

I am sure you above worked it out, here at the Barkery Brothers we let our hoooman think she is the boss but we all know that Archie and myself are really the ones in charge.

We often travel for business, it's not always glamorous, but then again what business travel is. It's all the little things that you have to do. You know what I mean, pick out what toys you might want, choose the right bandana to make your eyes sparkle at certain events and give them to your hoooman / bellboy to pack. Then there is the waiting, oh the waiting. I mean surely if I sit at the car door it means I am ready and should be allowed to board early.

I was a little disappointed, I thought I was going to be traveling first class, front seat next to the pilot but instead I was directed to my seat in business class, at least it was not economy boot level.

Anyway, as I was saying, we do travel as part of our roles here at The Barkery Brothers, but often it is only local, down to New Brighton to check up on the market stall, across town to Hagley park or  up the hill to a dog park for photo shoots, but yesterday we had a long haul trip to do. All the way up to Blenheim to catch up with our Blenheim branch, The Barkery Brothers on Gilbert as they like to call themselves. We have to do the seasonal stocktake, some maintenance on the gazebo for the upcoming season, and of course a few meetings with the regional staff. 

I will do a full bio later on but just so you are in the loop there is the branch manager Paddy, the distribution expert Phoebe and our part time model Rosie.

And of course we needed to introduce our intern Bertie.

I decided to treat everyone and have a business retreat at the river, you know all the usual, swimming in the river, chasing each other around, trust falls.

We are due to have a sit down meeting now to discuss the weeks agenda, including a client meeting this weekend.


Posted: Wednesday 2 August 2017