Finn's Fables: Bertie and the Bees

Finn's Fables: Bertie and the Bees

Today we sent the intern off on his first business meeting by himself. He spent last night going over the finer details of the products and this morning we grilled him to make sure he was ready.

Sometimes you just can't get good help. He came out, all dressed and ready but in his market jersey. Told me some sob story about how his jacket is still at the tailors waiting for some adjustments. Blah blah blah

Any way, once he got back to the regional office, he reported that he met a lovely chap by the name of Baxter, reminded him a lot of some of the doggos he has previously met, said that he convinced him to get a matching bumble bee bandana. Not believing him, I asked for proof and he whipped out his phone and showed me the photos. 

Well roll me over, he was telling the truth and Baxter looked AMAZING. I mean, all our bandanas are great but there was something to do with the sparkle in his eye and they way he held himself, must add, great posture and balance.

Apparently the sample box of allergy biscuits went down well, although from the crumbs I saw stuck in his beard, maybe a little too well,  it then again, it would have been rude to decline the offer.

What else can I say but good boy Bertie.

Posted: Tuesday 8 August 2017