Finn's Fables: The Holidays Are Ending

Hi, Finn here
Well I swear I just blinked my eyes and the hoomans holidays have come to an end. I guess that means mine have come to an end too. I don't know how I am going to handle tomorrow, being pulled out of bed at some un-doggy hour, forced fed breaky then spend the day lying in the sun in the lounge. I might have to mix it up a little bit and lie in the sun on the couch then the chair. Decisions, decisions...

So anyway back to the holidays, as you will remember we went up to Blenheim to catch up with the cousins. We had such a great time that we stayed an extra day. The walks, the swimming when the Hoooman wasn't watching, hehehe, the hooning with the others.

Being the end of the holidays, an executive decision was made to send the hooman to the market today by herself. I checked our Facebook page to see the new setup and I must say I like the new black and white look. Nice and crisp, like our biscuits. Speaking about biscuits, today was the prelaunch for our grrranola.  Check in on our etsy store shortly. It is DELICIOUS.

Well I had better go back to lying in the sun, practicing for tomorrow.

It's a hard life.

Posted: Saturday 19 August 2017