The countdown is on

The countdown is on

It's starting to look a bit like Christmas at the barkery brothers head office.

The hooman has been busy making the 2017 range of christmas bandanas, and she even made herself a matching scarf.

I know that she thinks that I look super cute but I'm not sure about this whole matchy matchy thing. I suppose it will be OK,  imitation is the finest form of flattery I guess.

I've been booked in for a wee haircut and shampoo this week so that I can model some of these new bandanas. While this sounds like a fancy fay at the spa, in reality it's the hooman post night shift pinning me down while she attacks me with the razor.

I have put my demands in, I want beef and bacon biscuits as payment. Lots and lots of beef and bacon biscuits.

So Archie was supposed to do some work on the weekend but "accidently hurt his foot". Nice one arch, got pampered, carried around and lots of attention and all he had to do was have his foot bandaged up... sneaky bro.


Posted: Tuesday 24 October 2017