finn's Fables: Help!!

finn's Fables: Help!!

Woof. Woof. Can you hear me?

It's Finn here and I need your help. See the hooman pulled out the box of christmas clothing today....

Now Archie (traitor) and Bertie (traitor #2) have decided that they like the extra attention they get from getting dressed up. But nuh, not me. 

I mean, I'll pose for a few photos as promotion  is part of the job but that's where I draw the line.

I'm sure you can see my look sulky look of disgust.

Archie and Bertie even swapped clothes at one point.


AND the hooman  decided to extend our wardrobe. Aparently it's full of Archie's winter clothes. He needs to learn that less is more.

I'm all for re-using and not wasting anything, you know, biscuit crumbs, dropped food and alike.

The hooman dropped off the new display stand at Kimmy's Classy K9's and Grooming this morning that I spent all of yesterday building. Trust me, my paws have blisters. Two man 1 hour flat pack my furry butt.

 I must say it looks good but I'm sure some of the biscuits still needed to be "product tested"

Well I'd better sign off and run away now. I just fart bombed the hooman.


Posted: Friday 10 November 2017