Finn's Fabels: The Great Trip North

Finn's Fabels: The Great Trip North

Good evening everyone. 

Finn here, the hooman is at work tonight, leaving us at home to pack for the big trip north to Blenheim tomorrow to catch up with the cousins and work the mistletoe market.

Archie is currently upset; he can't fit all his clothes in his bag and I won't let him scrunch up mine by forcing more in. Seriously, it's only 3 days...

This weekend the hooman abandoned us both days to cover the encraftment market in lincoln and then the halswell market the next day.

Aparently according to Bertie who added up the reports, Archie's All sorts was the most popular flavour of the markets. Archie hasn't let me forget it either.

I'd better get my beauty sleep, I'm only going to get 6 or 7 hours tomorrow in the car. The hooman isn't looking forward to it after a night shift but wouldn't take me up on my offer of driving. I mean I could steer while Archie handled the pedals.  (Can't let Bertie do the pedals, he's a speed hound).


Posted: Friday 1 December 2017